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Site Description:
The Belmont County, Ohio genealogy website here at
MyFamily was created over ten years ago to help people
researching Belmont County surnames. We have
since grown to over 1,400 members and have posted on
the site over 12,000 pictures, including gravestones,
vintage photos of people, residences, businesses and
other historical landmarks. If you are a serious
genealogist or are just getting interested in your family
roots, you will find something of interest here for you.
This has always been a free website seeking to bring
together people researching Belmont County surnames
and it has quickly become an important site for any
genealogist with Belmont County roots.

If you would like to request an invitation to the Belmont
County, Ohio genealogy site just click below where it says
"Contact Site Administrator". Requests must include:
1. your first and last name
2. the city and state where you reside
3. the surname(s) you are interested in and
4. the words "Belmont County" somewhere in your message.

Requests for invitations that do not include, at a minimum,
the above information will not be considered. If you have
been referred to our website by an existing member, please
mention their name. Membership is limited and preference is
given to those who have demonstrated a real interest in
genealogy, a willingness to share and a connection to Belmont

New membership invitations may take up to 30 days to
process and are strictly at the discretion of the website

This link is only for those interested in applying for membership
to the Belmont County website and we do not respond to
genealogical queries sent to this address.

~Skip Magyar
Shadyside, Ohio

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